Drinking Green Tea Might Make You Smarter

Drinking Green Tea Might Make You Smarter 

The research journal “Molecular Nutrition & Food Research” has recently published a study showing that green tea may enhance cognitive function of the brain.

According to the NY Daily news researchers fed ECGC, a compound found in green tea to mice.  Those that were fed the ECGC were better at finding a hidden platform in a maze.

According to lead researcher, Professor Yun Bai:

“We have shown that the organic chemical EGCG acts directly to increase the production of neural progenitor cells, both in glass tests and in mice. This helps us to understand the potential for EGCG, and green tea which contains it, to help combat degenerative diseases and memory

For all of you having a hard time finding hidden platforms, now is the time to stock up on green tea.  And it tastes good too.

If you are interested in following up on this the NY Daily news article can be viewed here. The research paper is viewable here.

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— John Flavin LAc