Handling the Holidays

Joys of the Season to All
We are closing in on Christmas, and New Year will be but a breath beyond.  I hope all of you are as relieved as I am to have survived the end of the world.  Having gotten that little detail out of the way, all that is left is surviving several more opportunities to over eat, and avoid colds and the flu by being absolutely certain to keep your body’s immune system strengthened   It probably will not surprise you to find out that Chinese medicine has formulas to help with both opportunities.

First a quick peek at what to can be done if you or a loved one over eats. There are two formulas that address the discomforts brought on by over eating.  Bao He Wan or Preserve Harmony Pill was created in the 14th century by the famous Chinese Physician Zhu Danxl. Curing Pills, another formulaare of more recent origin.   I stock a formula called Quiet Digestion produced by Health Concerns www.healthconcerns.com.  Quiet Digestion combines both formulas and helps with conditions ranging from over eating to the discomforts caused by the stomach flu.  It is an excellent herbal formula to fill one of those high value locations in your medicine cabinet.

If you regularly catch colds you might consider another Health Concerns formula called Astra C.  Based on a very old formula called Yu Ping Feng San or Jade Screen Pills, Astra C is very good at increasing your body’s immunity.   Have you been unlucky enough to actually get a cold,  or worse yet the flu?  Give me a call and you can get a formula  designed to address the particular pattern you are presenting.  Have you had a cold for some time that just does not want to clear? You guessed it, there is a formula that addresses that pattern as well.  The bottom line is there are ways of avoiding colds, and if they get you anyway, there are ways of getting through them quicker.  Help is but a visit away.

I look forward to seeing you in 2013.