Your First Visit

What To Expect On Your First Visit

First you will be given a copy of my Privacy Policy and asked to provide information about you and your current condition. Other paperwork includes signing an Arbitration Agreement and an Informed Consent Form.

The next 30 minutes are devoted to getting a detailed understanding of the condition you want treated and taking a detailed medical history.

The treatment generally starts with a discussion of possible approaches. You get on the table and over a 30 – 60 minute period receive some combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, or massage.

Once off the table we may discuss herbal formulas. If appropriate, what to look for following the treatment is discussed. Finally there is payment and scheduling a subsequent visit if necessary.

After your Visit:
Sometimes after receiving an acupuncture treatment you may feel a little light-headed. If that is the case, please sit for a while in the waiting room. In a few minutes you’ll feel relaxed and clear headed.

Very rarely, symptoms may become worse for a while following an acupuncture treatment. This is often a sign that previously dormant conditions are being awakened so that healing may begin. Please call me if this happens.