Life in Silicon Valley is all about stress. Whether you are doing your first startup, trying to keep a company above water, or dealing with illness, your stress or that of a loved one can become destructive.

If you are having issues with indigestion, headaches, chest pain, depression, anxiety, angry outbursts or even social withdrawal, your stress has moved from a mechanism that keeps you on edge to something that is hurting you, and it should be dealt with.

Chinese Medicine’s use of acupuncture, massage and herbs is one way to moderate the effects of stress on you.

John Flavin knows about stress first hand from his time in the Valley. He’s experienced what you are going through. His unique combination of skills and experience can help you become more healthy and effective.

Using Chinese medicine will get stress under control as you work on finding the right mix of meditation, journaling, or life style changes—all designed to change your relationship to the stress you are experiencing.